The Healthy Habits Blueprint

your path to developing consistent habits that help you live a life you’re proud of.

Let’s talk for a second about who this program is for…

You’ve tried it all… and every time, you think- ‘THIS is the thing that’s going to work. THIS is the thing I’ll stick to’… but you don’t.

You lose motivation, run out of willpower, and the habits you’ve worked on just seem to disappear (and whatever progress you’ve made along with them)

You KNOW what to do.. but you can’t seem to do it consistently.

Maybe you’re…

…sick of trying something new every couple of weeks.

struggling to find the motivation and willpower to keep going.

…stuck in a pattern with eating and exercise that just isn’t working for you.

There is an upside to this…

The patterns you have now? They’re habits. And you can break old habits, at the same time as you develop new, positive habits.

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By the end of this program, you will…

Have a set of solid health habits that you can depend on.
Stop relying on motivation, willpower and self control to keep you consistent.
Make staying on track something that feels natural for you, instead of a struggle.
Understand the method and strategy for how to create a new habit and break a bad habit.
Gain control and confidence in your eating habits, and create consistency in your movement patterns.
Implement key stress management techniques, practice self compassion and improve sleep habits
Learn how to troubleshoot your habits so that you aren’t ‘starting over’ all the time.
Use less mental energy on health habits- you’ll make them automatic and easy!

The amount of knowledge and care (Gillian) puts into the whole process is invaluable. Thank you for helping me live more fully… I’ll take your teachings with me forever.


What clients have to say…

I have a not so easy day I don’t beat myself up about it and feel guilty, I use the great phrase “life happens”, and continue to work on developing good healthy habits. 

girl body transformation


This process helped me SO MUCH, and seriously I repeat : SO MUCH to reduce the mental energy that I spent on food- depending on how I felt and depending on where and who I was with I acted one way or the other.

diferencia imagen apariencia


In this program I finally stopped feeling alone in my struggle with my eating habits. Today I can say that my relationship with myself is better and so much healthier. I’m a better version of myself!


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