My signature group program…

your path to rebuilding trust with food and your body

Let’s talk for a second about who this program is really for.

You know what it means to eat healthy, and you’ve tried plenty of different diets… but you can’t seem to stay on track for longer than a few weeks, and you’re constantly struggling with the scale and your self confidence. Every time you get into a good routine, something comes up to throw you off.

You’re sick of ‘knowing what to do’ but not being able to actually DO IT.

Maybe you’re…

…struggling to find something that works for you to stop yo-yo eating patterns after a tough time during the pandemic. Stress is leading to more eating and snacking, and your confidence has taking a nosedive. It’s time to find balance and stop beating yourself up for falling off the wagon… again.

frustrated that you just can’t seem to stay on track, and every time you start over, it’s only a matter of time until you slip back into old habits. You’re sick of starting over and never seeing the results stick for more than a few months.

…TIRED of fighting against your body. You want to free up some mental energy to think about something other than what you should or shouldn’t be eating, and you wish you could just ‘eat normally’ and stop stressing so much over your diet.

There is an upside to this…

You CAN change these patterns, and you’re NOT alone. Traditional diets focus on WHAT and HOW MUCH you’re eating.. but they don’t teach you HOW to eat or listen to your body. With the right tools, guidance and a great group for support.. you can break this cycle and finally achieve the balance and long lasting results you’ve been hoping for.

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By the end of this program, you will…

Stop feeling like ‘nothing ever works’, and start feeling confident in your ability to stay on track.
Transform yourself into a ‘conscious eater’ instead of a mindless snacker and overeater.
Truly connect with your body and pay attention to your hunger and fullness cues.
End guilt or shame around your food choices, and feel empowered to eat mindfully in any situation.
Gain control and confidence in your eating habits, and feel relaxed and calm around food
Implement key stress management techniques, practice self compassion and improve sleep habits
Create healthy boundaries with yourself and others in your life to protect your energy and reduce stress
Reframe your mindset, and learn how to speak to yourself with respect and care, instead of guilt and shame

It’s not often that you come across someone who is so passionate about what they do, and Gillian is one of them. The amount of knowledge and care she puts into the whole process is invaluable. She really became my right hand woman in the process of accepting myself and loving myself.. and together we achieved amazing things. Thank you for helping me live more fully… I’ll take your teachings with me forever.


From my past programs…

I feel free for the first time in about 20 years. Eating is such an emotional thing for many people, but it doesn’t have to be, it can be mindful and pragmatic. Now when I have a not so easy day I don’t beat myself up about it and feel guilty, I use the great phrase “life happens”, and continue to work on developing good healthy habits. 

girl body transformation


This process has helped me to discover why I act like this or like that in certain circumstances, why I love my body and the next day I hate my body… Is not just about my body, it’s about my mindset and how it has changed.

This process helped me SO MUCH, and seriously I repeat : SO MUCH to realize the mental energy that I spent on food- depending on how I felt and depending on where and who I was with I acted one way or the other.

diferencia imagen apariencia


In this program I finally stopped feeling alone in my struggle with my body. I am so grateful to Gillian for bringing the group together in this program and giving us the tools to beat the struggle against our own worst enemy, ourselves. Today I can say that my relationship with myself is better and so much healthier. I’m a better version of myself!


And a few more aha! moments….

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