1:1 Coaching

Through the Bite Size Model, you’ll learn how nutritional behavior change can transform your approach to eating.

Ready for consistency and balance with food?

Imagine if…

…you didn’t feel confused or lost when it came to what is healthy FOR YOU (and you knew exactly how to nourish your body)

you stopped thinking about food all the time, and could trust yourself to have ANY food in the house (yes, even chips and cookies).

… you didn’t have to rely on willpower to keep you on track, and were able to make choices without guilt or shame

… you knew the key to healthful habits that you want to stick to, and could stop trying to follow that one influencer’s 5am + green juice routine

If you've tried a million different diets and methods to stay healthy...

I won’t insult your intelligence- you KNOW that eating veggies is good for you, and that eating a whole pizza doesn’t feel that great.

Why is it so hard to break old habits?

Maybe you’ve tried to keep your eating under control by… 

Cutting out carbs you love like bread and pasta.

30 day challenges and detoxes.

Only eating unprocessed or ‘clean’ foods.

Tracking macros or calories.

Trying to eat as clean as possible.

Intermittent fasting or keto.

The reason these approaches don’t work isn’t because of YOU. 

It’s because strict, inflexible methods DON’T work long term… for anyone.

I’ve been where you are now- knowing that restriction isn’t a long term fix, but not knowing what WILL work.

At Bite Size Nutrition, you’ll learn a flexible approach  that DOES work for you, now and in the future.

Let’s work together to change how you think about food, practice nutrition habits that support you feeling your best on a daily basis, and learn what really matters to keep you moving towards your goals.

  • create eating habits that align with your life, instead of trying to fit your life into each new diet
  • understand WHY you have certain habits and the strategies to change them in a way that sticks
  • move away from trying to be ‘perfect’ and learn how to be flexible, so you’re confident no matter what life throws at you (like stressful work weeks, vacations, holidays).
  • stop relying on ‘food rules’ and guilt to keep you in line, and learn long term eating skills.
  • learn how to deal with tough body image days, and learn how to feel more at home in your skin no matter WHAT the scale says.
  • feel supported through each step, so you  can transform your habits and mindset around food and your body FOR GOOD.

What can you expect from Bite Size Nutrition?

  • A flexible approach to nutrition. No foods are off limits, and you’ll learn how to eat for health, without rules.
  • A focus on physical and mental health, mindset and a positive relationship with food.
  • a shame and guilt free approach to eating to support your physical and mental health
  • education and coaching around body image, so that you can feel at home and at ease in your body, no matter what it looks like 
  • open communication and judgment free coaching
  • Evidence based tools to help you confidently manage emotional hunger and stress eating, without silly rules like ‘just drink water’ or ‘distract yourself.’
  • Support for better sleep and stress management strategies, time management, prioritization and boundary setting.

How to get started with Bite Size

Here’s your step-by-step to becoming a client…

  1. Schedule your free discovery call and fill out a quick questionnaire.
    These questions help me better understand your motivation for getting in touch and how I can best support you. In the call, I’ll ask you a few clarification questions, and we can get a feel for each other- even if you choose to NOT join coaching, you’ll leave with helpful tips and more clarity on what IS right for you.
  2. Choose a coaching program (1:1 or group) and complete the onboarding process via my online platform, Practice Better.
    You’ll be guided to getting set up and completing your onboarding process, including a values + goals clarity exercise to create the foundations for the big shifts that are coming in your nutrition, body image and mindset! (minimum coaching commitment is 4 months)
  3.  Foundational coaching session (via video call, 60+ minutes)
    In our first *official* session together we will look at the ‘big picture’ of your life, do a deep dive into your goals for coaching, understand what’s holding you back currently, and set the stage for the first two weeks of coaching. 
  4. Bring awareness to current lifestyle and eating habits. We cannot change what we are not aware of, and bringing mindful (judgement free!) awareness to your current eating and lifestyle habits is KEY. We will use this to get curious about what you’re actually eating, start shifting from a guilt/shame driven mindset to a curious mindset, and see what big changes need to be made in your nutrition for you to reach your goals. You will learn SO MUCH during this period!
  5. Start with key nutrition habits + mindset shifts. This is where we make the most important tweaks and shifts- you’ll learn how to create stability in your nutrition, and develop fundamental habits that support you feeling energized, satisfied with what you eat, and at peace with food. As you progress, we will build on these habits! 
  6. Bi Weekly coaching calls and weekly check ins. Communication is KEY for continued progress and tackling challenges that will inevitably come up. You’ll alternate weekly between receiving video feedback and coaching calls, and each week you’ll share your progress, challenges and biofeedback with me via a journaling style check in form.
  7. Access to a library of resources, reflection exercises and PDF cheat sheets. You’ll have access to a library of resources to support your nutrition education, building mindful eating skills, better understanding emotional eating, and working towards body acceptance. 

Let's chat about how nutrition coaching can work for you

What’s included and what is the investment?

 Coaching includes:

  • Non-diet approach to nutrition tailored to YOUR needs and goals
  • Values and goals coaching to connect your core values (who you want to be) with your lifestyle (how you want to live)
  • Deep dive into mindset and beliefs to support a better relationship with food
  • On-demand coaching support and feedback via chat 
  • Extensive resource library including nutrition guidelines, meal planning guides, mindfulness exercises, and mindset challenges
  • Bi-weekly 1:1 coaching calls (45 min)
  • Weekly check ins with bi-weekly video feedback 
  • Private client group chat
  • Offboarding plan so when you’re done with coaching, you’ll be set up for success. (with option to continue with monthly calls)
  • 1:1 Coaching rates: 250€ monthly (special rates for 6 or 12 month packages)
  • Want to pair your coaching program with specific skills and group support to overcome the ‘diet mindset’ OR  to improve your body image? 1:1 clients receive an exclusive rate for group coaching access.

Ready to make a change, but not QUITE ready for coaching?

Start with two simple habits to feel more in charge of food

Confident Eating mini course 👇🏽

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