1:1 Coaching

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Nutrition coaching is for you if...

You feel like you’re putting in a ton of effort to eat healthy, but not getting the results you want.

You have a difficult relationship with food, and want to become more balanced in your eating habits.

You’re all or nothing when it comes to healthy eating, and you want something you can finally stick with for the long term.

You’re overwhelmed with all the information out there about what you should or shouldn’t do, and you want a guide to help you truly find what works for YOU.

How it works

Ready to make lasting changes to your eating habits, your body and your health?
Here’s what to expect.

  1. Your free 30 minute discovery call. Let’s schedule a call to ‘meet’ each other and discuss your struggles, goals and current eating habits.
  2. Intake questionnaires and online profile creation. You’ll fill out a health and diet history questionnaire as well as a 5 day food diary, and get started in my online platform (you’ll get immediate access to all my recipes and resources!),
  3. Video coaching session. Your first session with me will be a 40-50 minute video call in which we will discuss your goals and create a plan for how to get you there! You’ll leave the call feeling motivated and clear on your next steps.
  4. Weekly check-ins and optional biweekly calls. Every week, you’ll update your metrics (depending on your goals, these will be different for each client) and answer a few questions about your week. We will discuss your progress either via email or over the phone in your coaching sessions.
  5. Ongoing WhatsApp and email support. Write me at any time with questions, concerns or to get my feedback throughout the week- whether it is questions about what products to buy at the store, or how to bounce back after a hard day, I am always here for you.

In a nutrition coaching program with me, you will…

  • Eat food you like, in portion sizes that support your body and health goals.
  • Improve your relationship with food, and stop feeling like you lack willpower.
  • Stop falling off the wagon, and stay consistent from week to week with healthy eating and exercise.
  • Identify what foods work the best for YOUR body and connect with your hunger and satiety signals.
  • Start grocery shopping with confidence, so you can eat simple, delicious meals every day.
  • Include treats you love in your diet without feeling guilty.
  • Improve your energy, digestion and mood with better nutrition practices.
  • Identify and reduce stress or emotional eating patterns and improve your relationship with food.
  • …and MAINTAIN your results for the long term.

Let's chat about how nutrition coaching can work for you

What’s included in a nutrition coaching program?

  • Initial video coaching session to define your values and plan your path to change
  • Bi-Weekly coaching calls
  • Exclusive access to my online platform: your resource for all of your recipes, PDFs and progress metrics
  • Continuous coaching support via Whatsapp / WeChat / Apotheo
  • Personalized plan to kick old habits and create new, better ones
  • Support for lifestyle factors – stress, sleep and recovery
  • Exercises and book recommendations to build a more resilient mindset
  • Nutrition education that will serve you for life
  • Exercise and recovery recommendations: training type, duration, etc.

Why this is different from what you have done before

  • Coaching is about guiding, not directing. I’ll coach you to make the right decisions for YOU, not to follow diet rules or a meal plan.
  • The coaching process will help you discover your core values – so you can learn to eat in a way that makes your whole LIFE better, not just your nutrition.
  • Coaching will teach you the WHY behind healthy eating and habit change. You’ll learn about what you’re putting in your body and why, and you’ll build skills to pull yourself up even on hard days.
  • Coaching will help you be more confident in your nutrition AND your body. I’ll educate and coach you to make the RIGHT decisions for you, so you feel in charge of your body and your decisions around food.
  • The coaching process will hold up a mirror to why and how you do things, so that you can effectively change your habits and mindset around food and your body.

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