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¡Hola! Soy Gillian. Tengo más de 8 años de experiencia en el asesoramiento nutricional de gente de perfil muy diverso, desde clientes que quieren mejorar su alimentación hasta deportistas deseando optimizar su rendimiento.
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What's included in a coaching program
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Lets figure out what YOU need to reach your goals

Frequently Asked Questions about Coaching
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We will work together at the pace that works for YOU

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We will make changes to your diet that fit YOUR lifestyle!


“A nutrition coach doesn’t just hand you a meal plan and say… ” See you in a month!” Work with me to find a way to live that helps you feel, look and live your best. “


I believe that nutrition is the basis for improving health: all it takes is a little knowledge and motivation! It may seem like a daunting goal, there is already so much contradictory information that it is very difficult to know what works and what does not. With my help, you’ll learn the best way to feed yourself to feel, perform and look better.

Throughout the year there are periods when we can be stricter with the quality and quantity of our food intake to achieve health, performance or body composition goals, and at other times we can allow ourselves to take it more relaxed to enjoy special occasions such as holidays, family gatherings or events.

In any case the most important thing is to learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle in a sustainable, balanced, comfortable and natural way: based on REAL FOOD, in those quantities that work for YOUR BODY and that fit YOUR LIFE STYLE.

Take a look at my Nutritional Coaching page to learn more!


Stress less. Save time. Save energy.

I know you’re busy. Why spend time looking for parking, waiting for the bus, or leaving work early… online coaching works with YOUR schedule.

Discover if coaching is right for you

Do you think it’s time to make a change?

My coaching programs will help you transform your relationship with food, teach you what a balanced and healthy diet really is, and how to make changes to your own diet to reach your goals.

Learn more


Some nutrition tips and tricks that I share with you on my blog. Take a look and learn some tips to get the best out of every meal.

The keys to a more balanced day-to-day life

Science has proven.. diets don't work. Let's find what will work for you in the long term- not a 'quick fix!'

Eat real food

Real food doesn't have a long ingredient list

Understand correct portion sizes

Learn what portions work for you

Exercise regularly

Find something you enjoy, and do it a few times a week

Prioritize sleep

Rest is KEY to recovery

What our customers think…

“Gillian is super POSITIVE and REALISTIC. She doesn’t set you unachievable goals, they are always progressive and easily achieved in your day to day life. She is always available if you have any doubts, and she gives great lifestyle/nutrition suggestions. And she never scolds or gets mad. Changing habits isn’t something that implies punishment.. its about making real changes to your lifestyle. If you can’t take something on “right now”, you can go slowly, incorporating things little by little…but without letting it go!”


This was my first experience with a nutrition coach and I honestly am 100% satisfied. I already ate fairly healthy and varied, but I felt I had moments of overeating uncontrollably almost every week, that really kept me from moving forward, and made me feel pretty bad. I overcame these overeating spells and I have learned how to regulate my body's needs!


I believe that you have a great capacity to understand your clients and know what they need in each moment


My partner and I made a huge change in the way we eat and the way we cook, at first it was difficult because we don't have a lot of time, but Gillian always had an easy alternative so we couldn't fail! Now, healthy eating is a daily habit for us and it doesn't feel like a lot of effort or obligation.


Starting to work on my nutrition. combined with the conditioning (gym) sessions was a huge change for me and my partner, we learned what we should eat and when, along with the right portion sizes. This really helped me create good eating habits and a good routine.

David Cascón

Kick off your nutrition journey, or get back in the rhythm of it with a one – time nutrition coaching and habit planning session!

One session of nutrition coaching, via video call. If you are looking to start losing weight, improve your health, establish better eating habits, or just understand why what you’re currently doing isn’t working for you.. this is a great option for you! We will go through my Q2/B2 method of nutrition coaching- starting with an assessment of the quality and quantity of your diet. I will offer you suggestions to find a better balance of foods and recipes for you to reach your goals and eat foods you love.

From there, we will take time to discuss the connection between your body and brain- a key connection to make if you are looking to find and maintain consistency in your nutrition and lifestyle! After the session, I’ll send you personalised advice, recipes and the points we have decided you’ll work on.

*If you later decide to join a monthly coaching program with me, we can discount your first month of coaching!

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