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¡Hola! Soy Gillian. Tengo más de 8 años de experiencia en el asesoramiento nutricional de gente de perfil muy diverso, desde clientes que quieren mejorar su alimentación hasta deportistas deseando optimizar su rendimiento.
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My ‘why’- from chubby kid to drunk college student to now

I posted a snippet of this story on Instagram the other day- if you missed it, you can check out the post HERE… and as promised, here is my full eating story! We all have our own stories, and often they begin at a very young age. If you are struggling with your story right now, message me- in July I am launching my very first group program with a focus not on WHAT you eat, but how to overcome negative thoughts and eating patterns that are holding you back.  It starts a long time ago….   When I was in 4th grade, kids asked me if my phone number was 1-800 SAVE THE WHALES. When I was 15, someone close to me told me I looked like I...


Why now is the time to focus on you

2020 has already been a wild ride and its only been a couple of months. At the time of writing this we have been in quarantine for two weeks, with two more weeks left until we (in theory) start to return to somewhat normal life. However, life is NOT just going to go back to normal. I am sure many of us will continue working from home for months,  and it is still up in the air if anyone will be returning to school or if any public events will be taking place in the next few months.   Sounds terrible. But actually, is it? Ok, so we can’t go out and hang with our friends, go to concerts, pack into a bar to have a beer, or even...


Healthy is Beautiful: 6 Tips for Healthier Skin

When you think of the healthiest person you know, what do they look like? Not, do they have 6 pack abs or bulging biceps (because honestly, that is NOT the best measure of health)… but what does their skin look like? Their hair? Their overall ‘aura’? They may not be the person with the flattest stomach, but their body reflects their health. You’ll also notice that the healthiest individuals tend to have glowing, clear skin. It has a brilliance to it, and they probably look younger than they are.    These super healthy looking people probably have at LEAST these three things in common:  A healthy, balanced diet Some form of regular exercise Healthy sleep patterns  There’s so much information out there about how to change your body...


How to ACTUALLY Reach Your Goals in 2020

Our fear of trying and failing is often worse than the fear of staying the same. If you don't change anything, at least you won’t be worse off than you are now, right? Setting goals can be hard… and scary, and frustrating. However, he only thing worse than staying the same is not even trying. And yes, you might fail a few times along the way! Think of ‘failure’ as progress- it is helping you understand what doesn’t work for you- which is JUST as important as figuring out what DOES work.  When we don't achieve our goals...


Bite Size Holiday Gift Guide

Bite Size LOVES giving gifts. I kind of have a thing for giving people gifts. Not because its their birthday, or because it is a holiday. Sometimes you can’t be pressured into getting the right gift, it just has to appear! Regardless, I get that the holiday season is THE time to give and get gifts, so this list is just what you need right now. Whether you need a present for someone that is already a health nut, or someone that is trying to make lifestyle changes, this list is full of options that people will actually USE. The worst thing is when someone gives you a gift where you’re like.. What on earth am I going to do with this? I pride myself on being...


My Best Holiday Diet Tip? Don’t.

But you also don’t need to eat an entire leg of ham.   The holiday season can be a stressful one, for various reasons! One one hand, its so much fun to celebrate with friends and family, but on the other hand, having so many commitments can be exhausting. Regardless, if healthy eating and lifestyle are a priority for you it can be hard to manage with so many opportunities to overeat and drink more alcohol than usual! For a lot of us, some of our favorite foods appear on the table during this season, and we feel a pressure to ‘get it all in’ because we won’t see them again until the next holiday season.  I'm not going to tell you that the key is to just...


5 Year Anniversary: My Barcelona Favorites

[caption id="attachment_4816" align="alignright" width="300"] August of 2014- my first week in Barcelona![/caption] This week, I am celebrating 5 years in Barcelona. I still have no idea if this is it for me, but I can't see myself heading back to the States anytime soon. To celebrate my time in Barcelona, I thought I could share some of my favorites.. healthy, not so healthy and in between!  Where I love to eat : [caption id="attachment_4818" align="alignright" width="225"] Honest Greens[/caption] -Honest Greens: healthy food  -The Healthiest Choice: healthy food  -Mon Viet: Vietnamese   -Poke Maoli: Poke  -Gringa: burgers + tacos  -Rincón de la Abuela Venezolana: arepas + more   -Mosquito: Asian tapas/small plates   -Flexbowls: healthy food (breakfast and lunch) -Mochica: Peruvian food  -Tantarantana:  really good tapas  -Copasetic: healthy, organic -Fitbar: açaí bowls!  -Senyor Vermut: tapas and vermouth Desserts/Cafes I love:  [caption id="attachment_4827" align="alignleft" width="225"]...


Crash Dieting vs. Nutrition Coaching: The Real Deal

  This is a story we all know. A guy, let's call him George, decides he needs to lose some weight for a vacation he has coming up in a couple of months. So what does he do? He heads online or finds a nutritionist and gets a ‘diet plan’. The diet plan is almost always either low fat or low carb. If it’s a really terrible diet plan, its low fat AND low carb. Or maybe it's just a couple of random shakes that you drink to replace food altogether.  George loses a few kilos fast. His pants fit great. But he feels like crap. He’s hungry all the time and dreams about Nutella and potato chips. His skin starts to look a little grey,...


Ready for a good night’s sleep? Read this.

Let's talk about sleep- one of the most overlooked components to your overall health. Unfortunately, you can follow the best diet and exercise regime in the world, but if you aren’t sleeping well or aren’t sleeping enough, you’re missing a huge part of the puzzle. ‘Work hard play hard’ sounds cool… until your hormones are f****ed up, you're not seeing any progress in the gym, you’re exhausted all the time, and that “spare tire” around your belly just won’t go away.  The ‘recommended’ sleep amount for adults ranges between 7-9 hours a night- but most of us are closer to 5-6. While it may be possible to get by on less, the benefits of aiming for 7-9 hours of sleep almost every day are more than...


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