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¡Hola! Soy Gillian. Tengo más de 8 años de experiencia en el asesoramiento nutricional de gente de perfil muy diverso, desde clientes que quieren mejorar su alimentación hasta deportistas deseando optimizar su rendimiento.
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How much protein do you REALLY need?

Protein- it doesn’t matter if you’re vegan, vegetarian, keto or omnivore… you need it to survive. But depending on who you ask, it can be hard to know if you’re eating the right amount. Let's be clear- there is a WIDE range of acceptable protein intake for you to simply be alive. However, if you are: An athlete Trying to lose body fat Trying to gain muscle Getting older (literally ALL of us) Fighting off food cravings daily Hungry all the time Vegetarian or vegan ...


Why you should think twice before going vegan

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know I don’t subscribe to any particular type of diet. When a client comes to me, my goal is to help them find the best style of eating to support their preferences, goals and lifestyle- not to try and fit them into a specific dieting protocol. The best diet out there is the one that is sustainable for you in the long term- and there is NO reason that you must exclude certain foods or food groups out of your diet simply because they aren’t on the list of ‘approved’ foods in a certain diet. Lately, I have found that I have been receiving LOTS of questions about veganism. As mentioned above I DO NOT promote any...


Love tapas, and also love eating healthy? Read this.

Looks like eating out is back on the menu (no pun intended), and it might be a bit harder to stick to our healthy habits after eating only what we have at home for so long. Take a look at this 'tapas cheat sheet' to help you choose healthier items next time you head out for tapas with friends or family. Healthy eating doesn’t need to be complicated. But restaurants don’t make it easy for us! Restaurant meals are delicious, but they also tend to be much higher in fat and salt than what you would eat at home. With so many delicious things on the menu, it’s hard to stick to correct portion sizes and choose healthy options, especially if you are trying to stick...


Client Focus: Debora and Tomás

When you want to fix your sink, you hire a plumber. When you need help with your taxes, you work with an accountant. But when you need to make changes or fix something in your diet or lifestyle?    Nutrition is a huge part of our lives- if we don't make an effort to take care of what we eat, there can be serious repercussions. Doesn’t it make sense to hire someone to guide you to make better food choices, organize the way you cook and eat, and understand how to make changes to your lifestyle through food? Improving your diet is about so much more than fitting into a pair of skinny jeans- Debora, for example, noticed that her sleep and energy levels improved a ton! Tomás found...


Hack your nutrition: 30 tips to eat healthier RIGHT NOW

Healthy eating isn't a mystery. The mystery is how to get yourself to commit to doing it day in and day out, forever. Eat healthier.. right now. We are constantly bombarded by options- and the most obvious ones tend to be pretty UNhealthy. With a little bit of practice, healthier eating can become a LOT easier- but it takes time! Just like learning a new sport, you need to practice healthy eating, and be patient with yourself as you make adjustments. Being social is part of a healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, being ‘healthy’ sometimes means NOT choosing the ‘healthiest option’. If your diet is stressing you out because you can't enjoy a ‘normal’ dinner out with your friends, or you feel like eating a piece of...


6 tips to add more vegetables to your diet

(this is KEY for anyone struggling with weight loss, issues with energy levels or frequent colds/flu!) I didn't start eating vegetables until I was 19 years old. For me, eating a caesar salad was a success.. And the only reason I liked it was because of the croutons and dressing. Fast forward 10 years, the majority of my diet is based on plants, and you can often catch me snacking on raw carrots or peppers. So how did this change happen? What happened in my diet (and taste buds) to help me start loving vegetables as much as I do? Real change takes time. It wasn't overnight, I’ll tell you that. It's clear that just knowing something is good for you isn't enough to actually make the change...


Nutrition Coaching.. the why, the how and is it really for you?

Exercise is the easy part. Most ‘active’ people work out anywhere from 2-5 times per week. Sign up for any gym and head to a workout class. Even if you've never done anything like it before, you'll still be able to see benefits from added movement. Head out for a run, and even if your running technique isn’t great, you’ll still be able to get something out of it. The most complicated part is figuring out which exercises to do, or how much weight to lift, or how far to run. Hire a personal trainer for a couple of weeks, and you can learn enough to get by. Nutrition is the hard part. If you eat four meals a day, seven days a week (on average), thats twenty...


Nutrition Tips from the Pros: Tips for REAL life

ELEVEN Nutrition and Fitness Pros share their best tips to improve YOUR nutrition. There is so much nutrition information floating around the internet these days it can be hard to know what advice to follow! I asked ELEVEN professionals in nutrition and fitness the question “What is a nutrition tip you live by?”. I thought it would be great to hear what people that spend their lives exercising and teaching others how to live a healthier lifestyle actually do for themselves and what they share with their clients.  Although Instagram makes it seem like healthy nutrition is all about superfoods, cleanses, and fancy diets.. You’ll see that most of the info here is straightforward. Really, its all about the simple stuff. No matter if you are a...


VIDEO: Bite Size Goes Grocery Shopping

I had so much fun writing my blog post about how to do a better grocery shop..  and when I headed out to NYC last week to do a video version!  Not only do I always stay on track with my nutrition coaching clients while I travel, I was able to connect with my friend Luis and help him out a little bit with his nutrition.   While I was in New York City, I caught up with an old friend of mine, Luis Benitez (Weightlifting Coach, Personal Trainer, and experienced athlete). Luis has been competing and training for years, and is definitely NOT a beginner in the nutrition field. However, we found that because he was so used to eating the same things every week,...


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