Nutrition Coaching

…and Lifestyle Coaching

Having to depend on willpower is exhausting, isn’t it?

Let me help you build healthier habits into your day-to-day life… and you can stop relying on self-control, willpower and motivation.

In my programs, you will….

Eat food you like, in portion sizes that support your body and health goals.

Pay attention to the signs your body gives you, and identify what foods work the best for YOUR body.

Simplify meal preparation and planning, so you aren’t spending hours in the kitchen.

Grocery shop like a pro and prepare simple, delicious meals.

Include treats you love in your diet without feeling guilty.

Use food, sleep and stress management to improve your energy, digestion and mood.

Identify and reduce stress or emotional eating patterns and improve your relationship with food.

…and MAINTAIN your results for the long term.

Why Nutrition Coaching?

Because a diet has a beginning and an end.. but you have to eat for the rest of your life

What’s included in a nutrition coaching program?

  • Video call goal session
  • Bi-Weekly phone call
  • Exclusive access to your client profile in Apotheo: your resource for all of your recipes, PDFs and progress metrics
  • Personalized metrics to measure your progress
  • Continuous support via Whatsapp/WeChat/Apotheo
  • Personalized action plan with daily habits
  • Strategies for eating well in restaurants or on vacation
  • Lifestyle factors assessment: stress, sleep and recovery
  • Mindset advice and exercises to improve
  • Nutrition education: information that will serve you for life
  • Training and rest day recommendations: training type, duration, etc.

….contact me for your free discovery call!

Clients say….

“Gillian is super POSITIVE and REALISTIC. She doesn’t propose unreachable goals, they are always progressive changes that you can easily make in your day to day. She’s always available if you need anything, and she gives great lifestyle and eating advice. Aside from that, she never ‘gets mad’ or ‘scolds’ you. Changing habits doesn’t include punishment for doing it wrong.. its about making real changes in your life. If you can’t take on something new right now, you can do it little by little. This is something I learned from her… this, and at the same time, keep progressing!


“This was my first experience with a nutrition coach, and honestly I am 100% satisfied. I already ate well but I would have occasional binges, almost every week and then I would feel super guilty afterwards.. like I had thrown away everything I did until then, and it would put me in a bad mood. I was able to overcome these binges and learn how to regulate my own body!¨  


Starting a nutrition program combined with strength and conditioning sessions (at the gym) was a huge change for me and my partner. We learned what and when to eat, and the right portion sizes. We were able to make it a habit, and part of our daily routine.  


Client Case Studies…

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