Confident Coaching Mentorship

You know clients need to trust themselves to eat well without macros if their results are truly going to be sustainable...

but right now you're not sure if you can get them there.

Thats the problem the Confident Coaching Mentorship will help you solve.

You want to trust you can get your clients the sustainable results they come to you for… even if they never track a macro.

You’d love to have structure around non-macro based coaching so you can feel confident bringing in clients that don’t want to track.

You want your coaching business and the results you offer to set you apart from the sea of other macro coaches out there.

You know not a single one of your coaching clients wants to track macros forever.

What if you had the coaching skills to help them get the results they want without ever using a food scale?

Inside the Confident Coaching Mentorship that’s EXACTLY what you’ll learn how to do.

CCM is a 6 month group coaching container that gives coaches actionable tools and personal feedback to develop non-macro tracking nutrition methods, mindful eating, and behavior change skills, so they can help clients reach and maintain results even if they never use a food scale.

Inside CCM, our focus is on helping you build confidence in non-macro focused coaching skills from day one.

I had a new client application come through today and was SO EXCITED I had a box for 'I don't want to track macros' on my application form and I felt SO confident talking to her on the phone about how we could do a non-macro approach!

I truly don't think I would have been confident on the call with her if I didn't sign up for this mentorship and it's only been what, a week since I joined!?!?
John Doe

CCM doors are currently closed

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    From working with Gillian, I can now serve more women because I have more structure around non-macro coaching and I also have more ways to help my clients expand their mindset even if they are tracking macros. I feel more authentic in the way I am serving women and that I'm not just pushing thin / diet-culture messages so I feel like I respect myself more for taking action to broaden how I serve my community
    John Doe

    CCM is perfect for you if...

    Your clients (or potential clients) have expressed to you that they don’t want to track now OR in the future

    You dream of a coaching business that doesn’t rely solely on transformations or fat loss to get clients

    You’ve been trying to piece together a habit based or mindful eating approach but it’s just not there yet 

    What coaches are LOVING about CCM...

    1. Personal coaching on client challenges/roadblocks… in-the-moment support on challenges like ‘How can I help my client stop evening snacking?’ or ‘My client is ready to stop tracking… can you help me map out their process?’
    2. Coach-specific resources that include client case studies, a mindful eating mini course and bite-size trainings so you can learn what you need to help your clients in less than 10 minutes at a time.
    3. A go-to space to get advice, connect with other coaches, and dive deeper into evidence based methods for supporting clients with non-macro based nutrition
    4. Shareable client exercises and PDF’s, so you can save your time for actual COACHING, not graphic design
    I initially reached out to Gillian because I was struggling with the reality that my clients needed more than just a set of macros, and I needed the tools to build my communication and support for them. Joining this mentorship has built up not only my confidence as a coach, but also the confidence of my clients.
    John Doe
    Lauren @foreverfitwithlauren

    How CCM supports your business

    • increased monthly recurring revenue as clients stick around for longer than a 3-6 month coaching package
    • ability to serve a wider variety of clients including clients who want to stop tracking or prefer habit coaching from the start
    • testimonials that make you want to cry (and you can’t wait to share with your audience!)
    • charge more as a coach that offers mindset, and mindful eating support (and has the knowledge + testimonials to back it up!)

    What's included in mentorship?

    The Confident Coaching Mentorship is a 6 month group coaching container.

    Your enrollment includes:

    • Direct access to me via chat so you’re never stuck figuring out what to do with a client on your own and you can make changes to how you coach in real time
    • Onboarding, intake and application form feedback so you can make sure your check ins, application and intake forms are getting to the root of what your clients actually need support on
    • Resource library with 30+ client case studies, done-for-you resources and bite-size trainings that cover the most common roadblocks and skills you need for confidence and your clients need for success
    • Mindful eating mini course that guides you from understanding the science of mindful eating to setting up client programs with a mindful eating perspective‘ 
    • Support with program design and client resource creation so you can run your ideas by someone with experience, and make sure they’ll guide your clients to the results they want
    • Biweekly group Zoom calls that offer a space to connect with other coaches and dig deeper into non-macro focused coaching skills (always recorded if you can’t make it live)

    The CCM investment: $2200

    or choose 6 month payment plan ($397/mo)

    *Option to continue with mentorship on a month to month basis

    CCM doors are currently closed

    Join the waitlist here 👇🏽

      Imagine this...

      You’re getting to the ROOT of what clients actually want in your programs– they’re more confident, they’re not fixating on the scale, and they’ve achieved food freedom WITHOUT macros.

      You’re no longer doing this all alone- you’ve got a safe space to ask the questions you used to have to google and get personal advice on what will work best for you and your clients.

      Your clients are enjoying their LIVES more- they’re not chained to a tracking app or food scale but they’re still feeling and seeing results from your coaching (and raving about you to their friends!).

      ‘Since working more closely with you, I’ve started asking my clients more and better questions, and it feels so much easier for me as a coach. I’m no longer trying to solve everyone's problems and my clients feel like they’re coming to their own conclusions so much more often’
      John Doe

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