Every single aspect of my day to day life has improved since working with Gillian, and I say that without exaggeration.

My mindset towards health has completely shifted.

I missed out on so many life events I wanted to participate in because I was scared to not have total control over my food. Gillian helped me to challenge the beliefs I had, and was patient when I was fearful to try new habits. In the end, I feel much more confident being an active participant in my life. 

Before working with Gillian, I would say no to things in life that I really wanted to do because I was afraid of not being able to count my macros and I would overeat anytime I wasn’t controlling what I ate.

If I knew a friend who was struggling I would want them to get the same support and help I got from working with Gillian.


Megan –

I really thought I had tried everything!

Coaching with Gillian was a full 360° change in my health and mindset.

I went from feeling like I had hit a total dead end and now had to come to terms with what my age 40+ body looked like because every fad diet I had tried only worked short term and then the cycle started again. To the point I’d emptied my wardrobe of clothes I thought I might fit into again one day (I’m gutted now!!).

Little did I realise that my biggest issue was actually my engrained ‘diet’ mindset I’d developed over 30 years that was stopping me feeling and looking so much better! Gillian helped me start chipping away at this and looking at my nutrition from a whole new angle.

I had no idea that Gillian’s simple structure would literally change my life …and I look forward to wearing a bikini again on the beach this year after resigning myself to being a swimsuit wearer for the rest of my life 😉

– LISA –

lisa after her coaching program

EVERYTHING changed for me during the coaching process – how I saw myself, how I ate, my relationship with myself and others.

I feel so much more confident going out to dinner, or seeing friends for a drink.. it used to mean overeating, and now it’s just time I get to spend with people I love.

– Lucia –

I had been overweight for a long time, and tried all sorts of diets. But I would always lose and then gain it all back.

Now, I have way higher energy levels and my body craves healthier choices. I feel and look healthier.

My relationship with food has completely changed, and my day doesn’t revolve around the next meal.

georgina after

I now have eating habits that will stick with me, and skills I can take anywhere.

Supermarket shopping is now much easier as I know the staple foods that I need to have in the house, food combinations, portions and the importance of protein in all my meals.

And I think the most important is mindful eating, taking my time breathing and not multitasking when I eat. Overall I’m just a lot more aware of what foods and combinations of food work and don’t work with me which makes eating and eating out a lot easier and less stressful.

I felt that Gillian was there as more of a facilitator and a guide through this journey rather than an authority figure telling me what to do and not do.

Jeni –

I have a whole new level of awareness around food and my body.

My stress levels around food went down SO much – my thoughts around food now are so much more calm, mindful and overall positive. My relationship with food is so much better, and I’m more compassionate with myself. I feel like I’m more connected with my body, more aware and my self talk is WAY better.

In all of our sessions there was an ‘AHA’ moment – questions or reflections that helped me see situations with food in a different light, and helped me make sense of things afterwards.

Gillian is a coach that understands what you’re going through, she listens to you and gives you tools that are exactly what you need.

– Maria –


The way I eat and think about food totally changed.

I’m happier eating now, with much less guilt, more awareness and accountability. After years of restrictive diets, from eating 6 meals a day to lose weight, so many myths about what is OK and what isn’t… and overall years of guilt.

My energy levels are so much better, I lost weight and I learned to love different foods and flavors I didn’t even know existed… AND I’m finally friends with cooking.

I loved this type of coaching because I could throw all of that in the trash. Gillian taught me what and how much to eat, and it changed me forever.

– Patricia –

With Gillian I have found freedom in my own choices, I have learned about mindfulness and the importance of listening to my own bodies needs.

When I got in touch with Gillian it was because I had reached a point of “cry for help”. I was the typical, start again on Monday dieter, and was not aware of all the habits that were weighing me down.

I feel free for the first time in about 20 years. Eating is such an emotional thing for many people, but it doesn’t have to be, it can be mindful and pragmatic. Now when I have a not so easy day I don’t beat myself up about it and feel guilty, I use the great phrase “life happens”, and continue to work on developing good healthy habits.

A big challenge for me was always the number on the scale, but actually I have learnt that that is not so important. What I know now is that it’s more about how you feel in yourself, your clothes and your movements.

This has been a tough but really important learning journey for me. I finally unlearned a lifetime of worry about the ups and downs of a number that no one ever really gets to know anyway…  Seems absurd now I think about it!

– margaret –


Working with Gillian helped me realize that being healthy is not just about the food you eat and the amount of exercise you do. It’s about establishing realistic daily routines and habits.

In January 2021, I was miserable and overwhelmed, looking for the fastest way to lose weight. After working with Gillian, I feel much more confident and knowledgeable about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The biggest change that I have noticed is how quickly I am able to get back to my normal routine and healthy mindset after a special event or time away. Before I would have been like, “I’ll start exercising next week” or “I’ll change the way I eat after the weekend is over.”

I also learned how important is to create habits around stress management, sleep hygiene, and grocery shopping. Before starting, I thought I knew how to portion my meals. I was shocked at how much protein my body needed and how much more satisfied I felt when I included protein in every meal.

Also, I learned that losing weight was not just about what foods I eat and how much exercise I do. For example, a lot of the time it wasn’t that I did not want to eat healthily, it was a matter of making sure that I had the routines in place to make sure that I had enough healthy food in my house.

– Meghan –

Working with Gillian allowed me to reset my relationship with food, and finally see progress towards my goals.

Before coaching, I felt stuck and like I would never reach my fitness goals. Everything related to food seemed boring, and it seemed impossible for me to eat enough for my CrossFit and yoga workouts.

With her, I was able to analyze the internal and external issues that held me back, and she guided me to create new habits to help me enjoy food and eat what I need to to reach my goals. Six months later, I am so happy with my progress, the people around me have seen my mental and physical evolution and I feel better than ever.

I recommend coaching for anyone that needs a change in this part of their life!



Finding Gillian changed my life. I had spent years trying to lose weight with different diets, without ever reaching my goal. Gill helped me change my relationship with food with her way of teaching things fro me totally different perspective, without having to feel like you’re on a ‘diet’ all the time. It has helped me so much, I’ve lost 10kg and I feel better in my own body.. and this is reflected in my relationships with others as well!


casey pregnant

After working with her through my first pregnancy, getting COVID, and a variety of life events, I am SO grateful to say that I never felt derailed with my nutrition.

I was able to get a fantastic basis that worked FOR ME and even more importantly, was sustainable. I would recommend Gillian to anyone that is looking to make sustainable, holistic, life changes.

I now have a positive relationship with food, I understand movement vs working out, I know how to listen to my body and it’s needs… and I know that veggies can be snacks 🙂


Gillian was the Guardian Angel I needed for a long long time. Thanks a lot 😉

My life has taken such a positive turn – not just in my ability to eat in a way that truly satisfies me, but also because I can enjoy food I used to think was a sin. The big change for me was peanut butter and other snack foods- I can now have them all around without going back again and again for ‘just a little more.’

The way I used to think about food is gone and I’ve finally found a lifestyle and nutrition that is healthy and maintainable over time.

– Ana –


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