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What is nutrition coaching?

It is an iterative process in which the client and I work together to define their health, fitness, or body composition goals, and break them down into small, actionable pieces. We work on creating sustainable habits and improving understanding of healthy eating in order to reach those goals! It is the idea of “give a man to fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for life” instead of just giving someone a meal plan or diet and sending them on their way! 

Are you going to give me a diet?

I don’t give out diets. I believe that the best way to achieve lasting change is to learn which foods and in which amounts each person should be consuming. I can teach you how to grocery shop better, how to choose foods and balance meals, and how to make changes to your diet in order to reach a health or aesthetic goal (fat loss or muscle gain). A diet has a beginning and end, and I teach my clients how they can eat for the long haul.

Why does this method work better than a diet or meal plan?

I find that this works better because the client will end up with the tools to follow a healthy lifestyle all the time. With a diet or meal plan, maybe dinner is always some combination of white fish, green beans and rice. But what happeneds when you don’t have rice at home, the fish runs out, or you just don’t feel like eating that for dinner? The best eating style for you is the one you will be able to keep up for a long time- and I can help you find it!  

How do the programs work? Why are there different levels?

I have different levels of services based on the previous knowledge, experience and goals of each client! Think about it this way- if you have never driven a car before, I wouldn’t take you to drive on the highway right away! Each individual will have a different program based on their starting point, their goals, and their previous experiences.

How long until I see results?

That depends on you! If you follow your program and are able to achieve the eating habits that we decide on for you each day, you can see changes in energy levels, how your clothes fit or your performance in just a week or two! That said, the human body is a complicated machine- if we have been treating it badly for a long time, or if we aren’t consistent with the changes in eating habits that we decide on, it may take a bit longer to see a difference!

Why is the minimum commitment 3 months?

With my programs, the focus is con creating lasting results. The idea isn’t that you follow a strict diet to lose weight right away, and then six months later all your hard work has been lost! The goal of these programs is to create change that can work for you for the rest of your life.

A question or concern has come up, but we don't have a scheduled meeting.. can I contact you about my program?

Of course! Each week we will be in contact at least once, but in between  I welcome you to write me on Whatsapp or email with any questions, to send me a photo of one of your meals or to ask me any questions relating to your program! My commitment to you is to respond in no more than 24 hours MAXIMUM- although normally I respond much sooner than that!

How much do you charge? Can I pay in installments?

Send me a message using the contact form to learn about pricing! In general, the full payment is made either before or during the first visit, but if you have any particular situation that may need a different agreement, lets talk about it!

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