The Confident Eater group program

Are your eating habits all over the place?

You know what to do... but it’s not getting done.

You feel like you’re always trying to ‘get back on track’ or back on a diet that feels restrictive or boring.

You wish that you could just ‘eat normally’ without the cravings, the speed eating or the overeating.

You’d love to be more flexible in your mindset around food… but how do you even do that?!

What if you could practice balanced eating habits, consistently, forever?

What does a Confident Eater DO?

The 6 core qualities of a Confident Eater (and how you’ll put them in practice)

  1. She is connected to her core values, and sets goals based on what’s truly important. No more setting goals that you’re never going to achieve, or goals that you’re working towards just because you ‘should.’
  2. She knows how to put in practice ‘the fundamentals’ of balanced eating. You’ll learn a simple, effective framework to put together balanced meals AND how they fit into the context of a rich, full life.
  3. She’s a mindful eater, and checks in with her mind + body regularly. You’ll learn how to manage cravings, be present in the act of eating, and what it looks like to give yourself unconditional permission to eat (without binging!).
  4. She has a time management system that works for HER commitments, and makes time to nourish herself. You’ll MAKE time for what is important to you, and learn how to ‘fit it all in’… without overcommitting or making unrealistic expectations of what you can actually DO in a week.
  5. She has a flexible mindset, and can work through all or nothing thoughts when they come up. You’ll learn how to identify where perfectionism is holding you back, and strategies to practice self compassion and see ‘the bigger picture’.
  6. She has a set of core habits that she can rely on to keep her going, even when life isn’t easy. You’ll learn habit formation strategies to work with what you’re ALREADY doing in your life- the habits that are working for you become the building blocks for the future.

I've done nutrition programs before..
Why is The Confident Eater any different?

  • What you did in the past didn’t TEACH you. In TCE you’ll learn, then practice, then reflect and integrate. These components of getting new habits to stick are KEY.
  • You followed rules before that weren’t flexible enough for your life. The skills you build in TCE carry over into ANY season of life- part of what you’ll learn is how to be flexible, so that you’re not ON or OFF, you’re in flow with your eating habits.
  • The support you received wasn’t COACHING. In TCE you’ll be asked hard questions so that you can truly self reflect and actually find the answers that fit for YOU.
  • Most other programs focus on WHAT you eat, not how you think. TCE will teach you not only how to manage the day to day of your nutrition, but also how to manage your MIND and THOUGHTS around food.
  • Other programs only offer accountability while you’re in them. Even if you’ve done a group program before, were you truly supported? Did the program teach you how to create your OWN accountability systems, or did it only work while you were in it?


What will you learn in the Confident Eater program?

Define your core values + set values driven goals

  • Why is this important to you?
  • Values Based Goal setting
  • What does your path look like?
  • What’s already going RIGHT?

Balanced nutrition: What to eat

  • The why behind balanced eating
  • Nutrition 101
  • Your balanced plate
  • What goes into getting a meal on the table?
  • Your balanced meal template + cheat sheets
  • What you should know about food labels

Mindful eating: How to eat

  • What is mindful eating?
  • Getting yourself off autopilot
  • Identify your mindless eating habits
  • What type of hungry are you?
  • Mindful eating in practice
  • Self awareness practice: hunger + satisfaction

Time Management: When to eat

  • How are you managing your time?
  • How to make time for you
  • Mindful eating on a schedule
  • The scale of importance: how to prioritize yourself with a busy schedule
  • Multitasking the RIGHT way
  • Create your eating framework

Changing your all or nothing mindset for good

  • How perfectionism holds you back
  • What are you thinking?
  • How to become more aware of the thoughts that hold you back
  • Using self compassion to build your eating confidence
  • The mindset of curiosity and how it will help you
  • From all or nothing to ‘good enough’
  • Self compassion in practice

Habit formation (how to get it to stick)

  • How to build a habit
  • How to break a habit
  • The influence environment has over your habits
  • Environment design in practice
  • How to make habit building easier
  • The most important part of getting a habit to stick


  • Adjusting your nutrition for fat loss
  • The ultimate guide to hunger and cravings
  • Traveling as a Confident Eater
  • Body Image Confidence workshop

Ready to join the next round of TCE?

Why this is different from what you have done before

  • Coaching is about guiding, not directing. I’ll coach you to make the right decisions for YOU, not to follow diet rules or a meal plan.
  • The coaching process will help you discover your core values – so you can learn to eat in a way that makes your whole LIFE better, not just your nutrition.
  • Coaching will teach you the WHY behind healthy eating and habit change. You’ll learn about what you’re putting in your body and why, and you’ll build skills to pull yourself up even on hard days.
  • Coaching will help you be more confident in your nutrition AND your body. I’ll educate and coach you to make the RIGHT decisions for you, so you feel in charge of your body and your decisions around food.
  • The coaching process will hold up a mirror to why and how you do things, so that you can effectively change your habits and mindset around food and your body.

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