The Confident Eater group program

Does this ring a bell?

You NEED macro numbers a diet or a meal plan to keep you on track because without it, you’ll never reach your goals.

You can practice self control as long as there’s no temptation around… but if there’s chips or homemade cookies, not so much.

Weekends are when you enjoy food you don’t allow yourself during the week… but you always end up feeling guilty for indulging.

You envy those people that can just have ONE of something… once you start with the sweets or snacks, it’s had for you to stop.

You wish you didn’t have to choose between eating healthy OR going out with friends… you want to be able to do both.

If that sounds like you, we have a lot in common.

For years, I thought that if I stopped tracking macros or practicing SOME sort of restriction in my diet that I would go off the rails and end up right back where I started… unhappy with my body and all over the place with my eating.

I wanted to enjoy spontaneous dinners with friends, BBQs, and trying new restaurants… but I also valued my health. And finding balance without going overboard anytime I went out to eat… that’s HARD.

Not to mention, I kept proving over and over that if I wasn’t in full control of what was on my plate, I would overeat, make bad choices, and feel guilty both during and after.

The real problem was.. I ONLY knew how to eat when I was following rules or restrictions, and I had zero trust in myself to eat when I was hungry and stop when I was full.

My mental energy was consumed by food, food rules, and worries over my looks… but it isn’t anymore.

I created TCE to help you build self trust, become a mindful eater, and teach you skills to build confidence eating in ANY situation, without rules.

In The Confident Eater you'll become the person who doesn't need restriction to keep you on track.

TCE is your guide to mindful eating… 

so you can stop obsessing over what you put in your mouth and find the balance between ‘healthy eating’ and ‘treat yourself’.


Every single aspect of my day to day life has improved since working with Gillian, and I say that without exaggeration.

My mindset towards health has completely shifted.

I missed out on so many life events I wanted to participate in because I was scared to not have total control over my food. Gillian helped me to challenge the beliefs I had, and was patient when I was fearful to try new habits. In the end, I feel much more confident being an active participant in my life. 

Before working with Gillian, I would say no to things in life that I really wanted to do because I was afraid of not being able to count my macros and I would overeat anytime I wasn’t controlling what I ate.

If I knew a friend who was struggling I would want them to get the same support and help I got from working with Gillian.

Megan –

This is what it feels like to be a
Confident Eater

  1. You don’t need restrictions to keep you on track… and eating in moderation no longer feels impossible when you’re not on a diet. You feel totally confident eating in ANY setting, and can fully engage in life activities without worrying about food or your body.
  2. You’re able to practice mindfulness around food, and food is no longer good or bad… it’s just FOOD.
    In TCE, you’ll learn how to check in with your mind and body and practice ‘unconditional permission to eat’, so you can eat to support your body’s physical health and your mental wellbeing.
  3. You know that progress is not linear, and you trust yourself to overcome obstacles. If you overeat or find yourself slipping back into old habits with food, you know WHY and how to deal with it, without feeling like a failure.
  4. You know how to listen to your body’s natural hunger and fullness cues, and you’re attentive to your body’s needs.
    TCE will teach you how to identify the difference between emotional and physical hunger, and how to approach cravings in a balanced way.
  5. You’re able to manage your mindset and self talk- so that when life inevitably throws you a challenging situation, you have the cognitive flexibility to deal with it.
    The TCE curriculum covers mindset skills to move away from perfectionism and towards self compassion so you can stop holding yourself back.

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What will you learn in TCE?

How do your values influence your decisions?

  • Connecting core values and eating habits
  • How do your current habits align with your values?
  • Values Based Goal setting
  • How language influences your identity and relationship with food 
  • Journal Prompts

How to eat with no rules (Unconditional permission to eat)

  • What is unconditional permission to eat?
  • How to identify sneaky food rules  + challenge them 
  • Three questions to practice Unconditional Permission to Eat every day
  • The difference between guidelines and rules
  • Tools to identify the ‘food police’ in the moment
  • Journal prompts

Becoming a mindful eater

  • Mindful Eating 101: from autopilot eater to being present
  • The SASS model of mindful eating 
  • Understanding hunger and WHY you eat
  • Tools for every day mindfulness
  • How to understand and manage emotional eating
  • Journal Prompts

Mindset skills 

  • Mindset management tools + how to think about your thoughts
  • Self compassion 101 + the NASA framework for self compassion
  • Reframing: how to see your eating from a different perspective
  • Overcoming all or nothing thinking
  • Journal prompts

Overcoming obstacles and setbacks: Self coaching and confidence 

  • Strategies for building self confidence
  • How to self coach
  • Dealing with downfalls and setbacks
  • Goal review and reflection


  • Daily habits for better body image
  • Mindful Eating strategies to support your social life
  • Self compassion for perfectionists workshop 

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I have a whole new level of awareness around food and my body.

My stress levels around food went down SO much – my thoughts around food now are so much more calm, mindful and overall positive. My relationship with food is so much better, and I’m more compassionate with myself. I feel like I’m more connected with my body, more aware and my self talk is WAY better.

It seemed like every week there was an ‘AHA’ moment – questions or reflections that helped me see situations with food in a different light, and helped me make sense of things afterwards.

Gillian is a coach that understands what you’re going through, she listens to you and gives you tools that are exactly what you need.

– Maria –


What's included and how much is it?

  • eight weeks of coaching calls (recorded for you to rewatch at any time) – $600 value
  • five learning modules designed to take you from overthinking food to a mindful eater- $850 value
  • 30 + editable PDFs, video trainings, journaling prompts and self-coaching tools- $400 value
  • two months of ongoing coaching support and accountability via our group chat- $320 value
  • bonuses: Daily Habits for a Better Body Image and Strategies for Mindful Eating with a social life- $95 value

Total value: $2,265

Your enrollment: $597 (payment plan available!)


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I really thought I had tried everything!

Coaching with Gillian was a full 360° change in my health and mindset.

I went from feeling like I had hit a total dead end and now had to come to terms with what my age 40+ body looked like because every fad diet I had tried only worked short term and then the cycle started again. To the point I’d emptied my wardrobe of clothes I thought I might fit into again one day (I’m gutted now!!).

Little did I realise that my biggest issue was actually my engrained ‘diet’ mindset I’d developed over 30 years that was stopping me feeling and looking so much better! Gillian helped me start chipping away at this and looking at my nutrition from a whole new angle.

I had no idea that Gillian’s simple structure would literally change my life …and I look forward to wearing a bikini again on the beach this year after resigning myself to being a swimsuit wearer for the rest of my life 😉

– LISA –

lisa after her coaching program

How is TCE different?

  • TCE teaches you the delicate balance between ‘I want to pay attention to my nutrition’ AND ‘I want to enjoy food and the experiences associated with it.’
  • TCE teaches you radical responsibility around your nutrition- so YOU’RE 100% in charge. No more relying on a diet or food rules to keep you on track.
  • TCE isn’t ‘eat this, not that’… it teaches you how to THINK about food and trust in your own decisions. You’ll learn tips for day to day healthy eating habits, and learn skills that support a great relationship with food.
  • TCE will help you create accountability and learn how to SELF COACH. What happens AFTER the program is just as important as what happens during, and TCE is set up to teach you skills for life.

With Gillian I have found freedom in my own choices, I have learned about mindfulness and the importance of listening to my own bodies needs.

When I got in touch with Gillian it was because I had reached a point of “cry for help”. I was the typical, start again on Monday dieter, and was not aware of all the habits that were weighing me down.

I feel free for the first time in about 20 years. Eating is such an emotional thing for many people, but it doesn’t have to be, it can be mindful and pragmatic. Now when I have a not so easy day I don’t beat myself up about it and feel guilty, I use the great phrase “life happens”, and continue to work on developing good healthy habits.

A big challenge for me was always the number on the scale, but actually I have learnt that that is not so important. What I know now is that it’s more about how you feel in yourself, your clothes and your movements.

This has been a tough but really important learning journey for me. I finally unlearned a lifetime of worry about the ups and downs of a number that no one ever really gets to know anyway…  Seems absurd now I think about it!

– margaret –


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