The Confident Eater group program

                       The next cohort of The Confident Eater opens for enrollment April 11, 2023!

                                               if you’re ready to give up food guilt for good and break the all or nothing mindset around food 👇🏽

Between 'perfect eating' and 'treat yourself' there is a healthy balance.

You’re either following a diet to the letter, or just can’t seem to motivate yourself… and you want to stop the all or nothing cycle.

On weekends you’re either eating ‘perfectly’ or completely off the wagon… and you want to enjoy food and your social life without worrying about overdoing it.

You love tasty food, but you don’t always trust yourself around it… and you’d love to enjoy SOME without having to eat it ALL. 

You value your social life, but it feels like you have to choose between being ‘healthy’ or going out with friends.

The Confident Eater is your 8 week guide to mindful eating...

so you can stop obsessing over everything you put in your mouth and find a balance between ‘healthy eating' and ‘treat yourself’.

Every single aspect of my day to day life has improved since working with Gillian, and I say that without exaggeration.

My mindset towards health has completely shifted.

I thought that to be 'healthy', I had to have FULL control over what I ate... I missed out on so many life events I wanted to participate in because I was scared to not have total control over my food. In the end, I feel much more confident being an active participant in my life. 


This is what it feels like to be a
Confident Eater

  1. Your eating habits don’t rely on ‘eat this, not that’ to keep yourself on track… and how you eat supports health AND fun. You’re no longer unrealistic with yourself when it comes to nutrition, and you actually feel like you’ve got eating habits in place you can stick with for the long term… so you can fully engage in life without stressing over food all the time.
  2.  You’re educated on nutrition and can make mindful choices, but you don’t obsess over food or beat yourself up for eating something ‘less than healthy.’
    In TCE, you’ll practice a flexible framework to put together balanced meals, embody the principle of ‘unconditional permission to eat’, and enjoy food without it taking over your life.
  3. You know what it means to listen to your body’s natural hunger and fullness cues, and can finally ‘listen to your body’.
    TCE will teach you how to become a mindful eater, connect with your body’s needs and approach cravings from a place of compassion. You’ll learn how to practice unconditional permission to eat, so you can feel at ease around all foods.
  4. You’re able to manage your mindset and self talk- so that when and if you DO ‘mess up’… you’re able to adjust your approach without beating yourself up.
    The TCE curriculum covers mindset skills to move away from perfectionism and towards self compassion so you can stop holding yourself back.

How is TCE different?

  • TCE teaches you the delicate balance between ‘I want to pay attention to my nutrition’ AND ‘I want to enjoy food and the experiences associated with it.’
  • TCE is health-focused, and helps YOU make educated and mindful decisions about how you eat… so you’re not reliant on a diet or food rules to keep you on track.
  • TCE is all about behavior and mindset change, with just the right amount of nutrition education.  You’ll build a toolbox of skills to better understand why you do things, how to change them, and how to get changes to stick.
  • TCE isn’t ‘eat this, not that’… it teaches you how to THINK about food and trust in your own decisions. You’ll learn tips for day to day healthy eating habits, and learn skills that support a great relationship with food.
  • TCE will teach you how to create accountability and consistency in how you approach nutrition. What happens AFTER the program is just as important as what happens during, and TCE is set up to teach you skills for life.

What's included in TCE?

  • eight weeks of coaching support to keep you motivated and on track
  • structured, step by step curriculum to take you from overthinking food to a mindful eater
  • four learning modules with video content, tools and exercises for you to practice and apply learnings in your day to day 
  • two months of weekly group coaching calls (recorded for you to re-watch at any time!)
  • 24/7 support and accountability via our group channel.
  • bonuses: Daily Habits for a Better Body Image and Strategies for Mindful Eating with a social life, 20+ nutrition and mindset exercises + PDFs
  • AND… if you sign up for TCE on January 10th when enrollment opens, you’ll also receive a 60 minute coaching call for FREE
TCE enrollment for waitlist subscribers: $397 (regular enrollment/non waitlist: $497)


What will you learn in the Confident Eater program?

Core values + goals for TCE

  • Goal coaching + values workshop
  • How do your current habits align with your values?
  • Set your TCE goals
  • Intro to growth mindset 

How to eat with no rules (Unconditional permission to eat)

  • What is unconditional permission to eat?
  • How to identify your food rules  + challenge them 
  • Practicing unconditional permission for any nutrition goal
  • Letting go of the diet mindset

Becoming a mindful eater

  • Mindful Eating 101: from autopilot eater to being present
  • The SASS model of mindful eating 
  • Identifying mindless eating tendencies + the 4 types of hunger
  • Self awareness practice: hunger + satisfaction

Mindset skills 

  • Building a growth mindset 
  • The 3 components of Self Compassion
  • How to practice cognitive flexibility

Wrap up- TCE in your future 


  • Balanced nutrition for fat loss goals
  • Traveling as a Confident Eater
  • Body Image Confidence workshop

Not sure which coaching option is right for you?

Bite Size coaching is different...

  • Coaching is about guiding, not directing. I’ll coach you to make the right decisions for YOU, not to follow diet rules or a meal plan.
  • The coaching process will help you discover your core values – so you can learn to eat in a way that makes your whole LIFE better, not just your nutrition.
  • Coaching will teach you the WHY behind healthy eating and habit change. You’ll learn about what you’re putting in your body and why, and you’ll build skills to pull yourself up even on hard days.
  • Coaching will help you be more confident in your nutrition AND your body. I’ll educate and coach you to make the RIGHT decisions for you, so you feel in charge of your body and your decisions around food.
  • The coaching process will hold up a mirror to why and how you do things, so that you can effectively change your habits and mindset around food and your body.

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