The Confident Body

Body Image Coaching:
The Confident Body

Do you feel like your body is never good enough?

You can’t look in the mirror without focusing on everything you don’t like about your body.

You’ve tried a million ways to improve your appearance but you’ve STILL never felt comfortable in your skin. 

You wish you could feel less self conscious, and stop always comparing your body to others.

You’d love to feel more secure in yourself and stop worrying so much what other people think of you.

ALL OF THIS CAN CHANGE. And I can help you get there.

The Confident Body is your 8 week journey to stop fixating on your flaws and start accepting your body…

 so you can build confidence in who you are, not what you look like.


I was EXACTLY where you are now… 

From a VERY young age, I learned that ‘good’ bodies were thin. I constantly compared myself to the pretty girls, and eventually spent the majority of my 20s trying to achieve the perfect ‘fit girl’ look.

I GOT the ‘hot body’… but I was more self conscious than ever.

I thought for years that it was my body that needed fixing… but it was actually my BODY IMAGE.

Your body image is made up of four pillars- your thoughts, actions, feelings and perceptions of your body.

And the good news? They’re all things that you can change. 

I developed The Confident Body program to help you feel more confident in your body than you EVER have… no matter what it looks like now or in the future.

Are you with me?

The Confident Body is...

an 8 week group coaching program designed to help you stop fixating on your flaws and start building confidence in YOU, no matter what your body looks like.

This program has completely changed the way I feel in my own skin. Since starting with Gillian, I’ve learned to appreciate my body for what it can do instead of only focusing on what I see in the mirror.

I’ve also built up a toolkit to help me in situations where I’m getting less than happy with the way I look in my clothes on a particular day or when I’m second guessing participating in an event because I don’t want to wear shorts, a bathing suit, etc.
I’ve learned to stop letting my negative self image keep me from enjoying my life and making new memories. This program changed my life on a profound way and I’m so grateful.

– Stephanie-

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    TCB is for you if...

    • you wish that every time you look in the mirror your eyes didn’t fixate the parts of your body you dislike the most
    • you’d love to get rid of the negative self talk around your body and stop feeling like not having the ‘perfect’ body is holding you back from the life you deserve
    • you wish you weren’t so preoccupied with your body, and that you could stop comparing what you hate about your body with what you love about someone else’s
    • you’d love to say YES to social events or invitations without feeling self conscious or insecure about how you look
    • you want to care less about others’ opinions of your body, and stop constantly worrying that others are judging you on your looks
    • you’d love to feel more at peace with food, and stop constantly thinking about how what you eat will affect your weight/shape
    • you’ve tried a million ways to ‘fix’ your body, and you’re ready to do the work on your body image
    • you’re ready to untangle the societal, media and family/peer influences on your body image and develop your OWN vision of what a ‘good’ body is 

    Let’s talk about how TCB will help you do that… 

    What you'll learn in TCB

    In module one, you’ll bring attention to and reflect on where you are NOW with your body image

    • you’ll learn the four components of  body image
    • you’ll start shifting how you speak about your body 
    • you’ll create your goals for this program and begin shifting your body image actions 

    In module two, you’ll learn how to be present to your body image thoughts and feelings, and how to change them from a place of self compassion instead of self criticism

    • you’ll understand what triggers your negative body image
    • you’ll learn about the feedback loop of emotions-thoughts-actions and begin changing how you think and act
    • you’ll practice changing your thoughts and identifying when your mind is playing tricks on you 

    In module three, you’ll deepen and solidify your positive body image habits 


    • you’ll dig into the non-appearance related reasons you exercise and eat
    • you’ll develop your ‘body image anchors’ to set yourself up for positive body image days
    •  you’ll learn how to practice self compassion in moments where you need support, instead of turning to negative self talk or criticism

    In module four, you’ll learn how to keep body acceptance and positive body image going over the course of time


    • you’ll learn how to troubleshoot if any old thoughts or habits come up in the future
    • you’ll create your ‘body image manifesto’ that expresses how you’d like to treat, think about, and feel towards your body in the future  
    • you’ll review the skills and habits you’ve learned and create your own body image coaching strategies 


    • 25 Journal prompts for better body image
    • option to add on 1:1 coaching sessions 
    • Invitation + discounts for The Confident Eater (mindful eating, overcoming the diet mindset, and developing unconditional permission to eat)


    • access to client portal with private group chat, learning materials
    • four video modules with reflection exercises, education and in the moment tools for better body image
    • weekly calls (live/recorded) 

    The Confident Body opens for presale registration November 1
    Download lesson one + join waitlist 👇🏽

      What's included and how much is it?

      • four learning modules based on current body image and mindset research- $1200 value
      • 20+ educational PDFs, mindset resources and interactive reflection tools- $400 value
      • eight weeks of 24/7 chat support – $600
      • eight coaching calls (attend live or access recordings on your own time)- $920

      Total value: $3120

      Presale enrollment:  was $797, now $597 (November 1-7, via waitlist only)

      Download lesson one of TCB
      + join the waitlist here

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