Client Focus: Debora and Tomás

When you want to fix your sink, you hire a plumber. When you need help with your taxes, you work with an accountant. But when you need to make changes or fix something in your diet or lifestyle? 


Nutrition is a huge part of our lives- if we don’t make an effort to take care of what we eat, there can be serious repercussions.

Doesn’t it make sense to hire someone to guide you to make better food choices, organize the way you cook and eat, and understand how to make changes to your lifestyle through food?

Improving your diet is about so much more than fitting into a pair of skinny jeans- Debora, for example, noticed that her sleep and energy levels improved a ton! Tomás found that he had way more gas in the tank during his workouts, and that he actually enjoyed eating more vegetables. 


Over the 3 years I have worked with clients, the results range- from mental improvements like better self confidence to the physical changes that are often the focus of a dietary change. The fact is- it ALL starts with food- what you eat changes the way you think, feel and look. 


One of the most important parts of the work that we do in nutrition coaching is making sure the changes are SUSTAINABLE in the long term– will my clients be able to keep improving or at least maintain the progress we have worked on together? This isn’t a one time diet you do to fit into a bikini on vacation- this is change for GOOD.


I asked a couple of my clients a bit about their experience working with me, and this is what they said. 

What was your motivation to start a nutrition coaching program? 

Debora: My goal was to learn what to eat, when and why.  

Tomás: My body- I saw that I couldn’t continue with my current lifestyle, and I decided to change things by working with a coach. 

Had you worked with a dietician or nutritionist in the past? If so, what was the principal difference from then to now? 

Debora: I had worked with a dietician in the past, but the biggest difference with you was the focus on habit change. Its WAY different for someone to prepare you a weekly diet than it is for you to learn how to make those changes yourself. 

The guidelines that Gillian gave and and the support during the process was amazing. The biggest changes I saw were the way I saw food and the feelings I got from changing my habits. 

Tomás: (This was Tomás´ first experience working with a nutrition professional!) 

What did you expect from the nutrition coaching program? Did you achieve the results you wanted, or did you see anything unexpected? 

Debora: I expected to learn basic nutrition knowledge that a lot of us lack- like the different food categories, the truth about all the different food myths that you hear about, and with that knowledge, learn how to eat a balanced diet. What I didn’t expect was that my sleep and my energy levels improved SO much! That was a huge plus! 

Tomás: I wanted to look better and learn what I need to eat in order to eat better, and maintain those results in the long term. (Just check out his pictures to see his progress!)

What do you feel was your greatest achievement during this process? 

Debora:  My greatest achievement was consistency (in my diet)! 

Tomás: ‘Going on a diet’ without going hungry, yet still seeing such quick results.. I didn’t expect those results to be so good! 

What changes did you notice in your body, your mindset or in your lifestyle? Have you been able to maintain those changes?  

Debora: Todo cambió. Junto con la actividad física, el cambio a una alimentación equilibrada y un descanso mejor controlado, mi cuerpo, mi mente y mi energía llegaron a una estabilidad que nunca había experimentado. Everything changed. With the combination of exercise, the switch to a balanced diet and improving my sleep, I found that my body, my mind and my energy levels became WAY more stable than I had ever seen in the past. I still maintain these changes and habits, even though my program ended over a year ago! 

Tomás: I ended up with less body fat, bigger and more defined muscles, and mentally I was much happier and ‘accepted’ myself more. 

I have been able to maintain these changes more or less- and when I notice I am straying from my goals, I know now what I need to do to get back on it. 

What would you say to someone that is thinking about signing up for a nutrition coaching program with Gillian?

Debora: Its not always an easy path, at least not for everyone. But it is super gratifying to see these results while working with such a great professional! 

Tomás: Do what she says, even if it is hard for you to eat so many veggies! She does it in your best interests, and its a process that everyone should go through or learn to do- we all need to be conscious of what what we eat, and I believe that Gil is a great choice to help you learn- she has a ton of knowledge! 

Want to learn more about how coaching could help you make the changes you are looking for? Send me a message, and lets schedule a call to discuss your goals!

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