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¡Hola! Soy Gillian. Tengo más de 8 años de experiencia en el asesoramiento nutricional de gente de perfil muy diverso, desde clientes que quieren mejorar su alimentación hasta deportistas deseando optimizar su rendimiento.
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Bite Size / Better Body Image (BBI) Group Program

Do you have a strict list of ‘good’ foods and ‘bad’ foods?

Do you beat yourself down in your head when you ‘mess up’ ?

Do you use food as a reward or a punishment?

Are you ready to stop this never-ending cycle?

Currently I am TESTING this program with a small group at a very reduced price- if you are interested in joining, send me a message ASAP!

You CAN overcome the cycle of self-sabotage for good.

This process is designed to help you overcome the eating habits and thoughts around food and your body that are holding you back, understand the factors that play into emotional eating, and give you the tools you need to stop the battle of willpower, negative self talk and guilt.

The small group format creates a built-in support system, and helps you stay on track and motivated through the process!

Click here + send your contact info to sign up!

Whats Included

Program Syllabus:

  • Week 1: Emotional eating + self talk: Identifying your story

  • Week 2: Your inner dialogue + how the system sets you up to fail

  • Week 3: Changing thought patterns + how to use your strengths to benefit you

  • Week 4: Managing lifestyle factors: Stress + Sleep and how they really affect you

Start seeing yourself as the amazing, capable, good-looking individual that you are

You will:

-Drastically improve your relationship with food and yourself

-Identify and dismantle the ‘triggers’ that cause you to overeat

-Learn your ‘eating style’ and how to work WITH it, not against it

-Stop negative self talk, and create new patterns of positive reinforcement

-Start eating for hunger and enjoyment, not comfort or anxiety

-Create strategies for managing your emotions and self-talk

-Improve your body image, and stop being so damn hard on yourself all the time!

How it works

This program is limited to maximum 10 participants per group- this small group format offers a built- in support system and gives you the opportunity to share and learn with like-minded people.

You will learn how your ‘eating story’ has defined your relationship with food, how to re-frame your negative self talk into something that builds you up instead of breaks you down, how to be more forgiving with yourself,  and how to manage factors like sleep and stress so you stop turning to food for support and comfort.

Each week, you will have access to:

  • 60-90 minute live webinar session (will be recorded if you are unable to attend a session!)
  • ‘Homework’ to help you process and progress each week
  • Reading + listening materials and PDF’s to support your transformation 
  • Email and WhatsApp support from your coach (me!)

Click below to send me your name + contact information to reserve your spot!

I want IN!

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