Motivation is a Lie- 3 Tips to Stay On Track Without It 


Motivation is bullshit. So is willpower.

You start a new training program, or start eating better, and its just a matter of time until motivation and willpower wear out, and you are right back where you started. Motivation is a great starter, willpower is awesome for a short period of time… but what happens when they wear out? You might wake up one day super motivated, and then the next week you feel like all you want to do is eat ice cream and watch Netflix, and you end up back right where you started! 


 Then if motivation or willpower isn’t the answer, what is? 

DISCIPLINE. We need discipline. As a kid, discipline meant saying please and thank you, washing your hands and waking up on time for school. It kind of sucked. As an adult, discipline can actually help you enjoy your life even more- because it takes out the need for motivation. If you are disciplined around certain things in your life, it opens up energy, time and mental space for other, more fun things!  


So what can you do to improve discipline and take willpower and motivation out of the equation?


  1.   Plan ahead. Future you might not be motivated, but NOW you is, so take advantage of the moment. Think about when you might fail to head towards your goals- is it when that early alarm goes off for a workout? Or when you are starving after lunchtime and you don’t have a healthy snack on hand? In these moments, you might not be motivated… but if you PLAN AHEAD and leave your workout clothes out, or prep an afternoon snack the night before it makes the whole process a lot easier. 

  2.   Organize your environment. Instead of relying on willpower to stay away from foods or habits that you know don’t serve you- create an environment that doesn’t include those things. Don’t keep food or drinks in the house that ‘trigger’ you to over consume, and make healthy food easily accessible. Sign up for a gym close to your home or workplace, and schedule in your time to go ahead of time. If you make these things easily accessible, there is NO excuse to not get them done. 

  3.   Be accountable to someone or something. It’s one thing to lie to yourself, but its another to lie to someone else. Find someone in your life that you can “check in” with- whether its a workout buddy, Whatsapp group with friends where you share healthy meals, or even start your own Instagram to track your healthy habits! It has been proven time and time again that having a support group (even a virtual one) is KEY to staying on track. This is also where a nutrition coach (me!) can help you out a lot! 

For some reason, we tend to try and sabotage ourselves- by making excuses, or finding ways to talk ourselves out of doing what is best for our health. By relying on discipline instead of motivation, it’s not a game of “let’s see how I feel when I wake up”. We all know that when that alarm goes off in the morning, we aren’t going to make the extra effort- so make it easier on yourself by setting up some structure.

Feeling like you don’t know how to create more discipline in your life, or like you can’t seem to figure out how to make this process easier on yourself? I can help you with that! Send me a message to find out how. 


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