Need more protein? Three easy ways to up your protein intake!

Do you struggle to eat enough protein? You’re not alone! 

I LOVE first meetings with new clients- they are super excited and motivated to make changes, and I can’t wait to chat with them and figure out what the best first steps will be. Although every client has different needs, one of the common themes I see repeatedly is low protein intake! Protein is the building block of our tissues, and making sure that we are ingesting sufficient protein in our diets is super helpful in muscle and tissue recovery, especially for athletes. I generally recommend between 3-5 portions of protein based foods per day, with the exact portion sizes depending on the size, gender, age and activity level of the individual.

Here are a few tips to easily add more protein to your diet without resorting to supplements and protein powders!

  1. Simply increase protein portion sizes. Do you normally add one can of tuna to your salad? Try two. Add a few extra slices of turkey or ham to your toast. If you generally only eat 1 egg at a time, try two.. Or try the egg white option as mentioned below.

2. Add egg whites. I am a huge fan of using the whole egg- the yolk has so many health benefits, and I love the flavor. However, if we are looking to add more protein to our diets without a ton of fat, bottled egg whites can be an easy option. Try adding them to an omelette, using a few extra egg whites when making pancakes, or whisking them into your morning porridge!

3. Choose higher protein options. Instead of whole wheat pasta, try red lentil pasta or legumes (that have a better balance of protein and carbs) as a base for a ‘pasta’ dish. Switch out your regular yogurt for nonfat Greek yogurt (or queso fresco batido in Spain).

As mentioned above, exact protein portion sizes and daily totals vary depending on the individual- these are just some general helpful tips if you are looking to increase your overall intake!

Interested in figuring out what works the best for you, and how you can improve your nutrition? Send me an email! Individual nutrition coaching spots opening up in April, and round 2 of the Eat REAL Good Challenge launches at the end of April!


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