Why now is the time to focus on you

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2020 has already been a wild ride and its only been a couple of months.

At the time of writing this we have been in quarantine for two weeks, with two more weeks left until we (in theory) start to return to somewhat normal life. However, life is NOT just going to go back to normal.

I am sure many of us will continue working from home for months,  and it is still up in the air if anyone will be returning to school or if any public events will be taking place in the next few months.


Sounds terrible. But actually, is it?

Ok, so we can’t go out and hang with our friends, go to concerts, pack into a bar to have a beer, or even head out for a run.

But we can take this as a moment to slow down. We can take stock of what is really important to us. We can think about who we really want to be in the world. We can start building different habits that will serve us in the future. We can take this time to focus on US.


A lot of us talk about making changes to our lifestyles, our eating habits, how we sleep and deal with stress. We want to lose weight, or we want to start exercising more. We know that we should stop drinking that beer every night. Or stop adding sugar to our daily coffee. Or stop scrolling through our phones late at night instead of sleeping.

But there’s always a reason not to make the change.


Almost ALWAYS that reason is ‘I’m too busy’.


I get it- between rushing from work to the gym to pick up the kids to the grocery store to a million other commitments, time is precious and sometimes hard to come by.


We spend a lot of time being RE active instead of PRO active.

But unless you are homeschooling your kids right now or taking care of someone that is ill, chances are you have a lot more time to think about yourself. So take advantage of that time. Invest in yourself. Invest energy in improving your sleep, creating strategies to manage your stress, learning how to make healthy, balanced meals easily. Invest time in identifying what things in your life you would like to change. Invest money in education, in coaching, in self improvement. 

Take this time to slow down and proactively work on yourself.

This may actually be the PERFECT time to start a new training program, change up your eating habits, start a nutrition coaching program, or start working with a therapist on any other issues. Establish good habits NOW, and they will be even easier to continue to practice when the rhythm of life starts to speed up again. 

Remember, There will always be a reason NOT to do the things that scare us. That never goes away. So focus on the reasons to change instead of the reasons to stay the same, and take the gift of time to put it to work.

Send me a message if you are ready to put the work in on yourself- the time is now.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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