How to ACTUALLY Reach Your Goals in 2020

Our fear of trying and failing is often worse than the fear of staying the same. If you don’t change anything, at least you won’t be worse off than you are now, right?

Setting goals can be hard… and scary, and frustrating. However, he only thing worse than staying the same is not even trying. And yes, you might fail a few times along the way!

Think of ‘failure’ as progress- it is helping you understand what doesn’t work for you- which is JUST as important as figuring out what DOES work. 

When we don’t achieve our goals…

When you fall short of your goals, are you capable of understanding why? Or do you see it as a failure of character, a sign that you aren’t good enough? A lot of the time, the failure is in the process- the lack of a clear, actionable plan. I talk alot with my nutrition coaching clients about how the process is often more important than the result. And the process is the difference between achieving what you want and falling short of your goals. So let’s talk about how you can set a better plan this year: 

These are some of the most common health and fitness goals: 

-lose weight

-tone up (although i hope by now you know that this is NOT A THING)

-eat healthier

-eat less sugar

-wear clothes you fit into X years ago

-lift heavier weights 

-drink less alcohol 

-cook more at home

-run faster 

…. And the list goes on.

But this year, how can you actually reach these goals?

Tips to reach your goals this year:

Figure out WHY your goals are important to you. 

If you are just interested in cutting out sugar because everyone on Instagram says you should, you’ll probably lose interest pretty quickly. If you set a goal that really doesn’t mean anything to you, why are you even doing it? However, if you set a goal of reducing your sugar intake because you’ve gained some weight, your energy levels are up and down all day, and your doctor has told you that you are at risk for pre-diabetes… thats a pretty good reason! 

Set a time frame and understand what ‘achievement’ looks like for this goal.

If your plan is to cut out sugar, define what ‘sugar free’ actually means to you, and what the time frame is for achieving this goal. Are you ‘sugar free’ when you’ve gone a whole week without added sugars? A month? How are you going to reduce your intake? By going cold turkey? Do you want to go little by little? How do you measure if this was successful or not? 

Think about what daily habits you can implement to move you towards this goal.

You are the sum of what you do regularly. If you consistently reach for the sugar packet served with your coffee, that is a habit that needs to be broken. So maybe one of the habits to work on is to say out loud ‘no sugar’ when you order a coffee- if the packet isn’t on the saucer, you can’t reach for it as easily, right? Or maybe you make sure to pack an apple in your lunch every day so you aren’t tempted to head to the vending machine. Don’t underestimate the power of SMALL steps- they add up quickly, and can be the difference between reaching your goals and failing.

Measure your progress and revise your habits if needed.

Don’t wait until the ‘end date’ of your goal- consistently review your progress and make changes if something isn’t working for you.

Keep a calendar or a notebook to track your progress, and take a moment each week to look back on the previous week. For example, maybe you find that the weekdays are easy for you, but on the weekends when you head to your in-laws for lunch or go out with friends avoiding sugar is really hard. So what habit might you want to include in order to help you in your progress? You could implement the habit of bringing a fruit salad with you to lunch as an alternative dessert, or you could let the hosts know ahead of time that you would prefer if they didn’t offer you dessert. Or, maybe you decide that 1-2 times per month, its OK to have a bit of sugar. All of this is up to YOU.

This year, ask some hard questions.

Is what you are doing now helping you become the person you would like to be in a year? In 5 years? In 10? It is SO easy to get caught up in the every day, in letting ourselves just flow, never trying to actively improve or actively reflect on what we want or who we want to be in the world. Its just so much easier to complain and give excuses instead of doing the hard work to change.

Nutrition coaching is all about this process- defining what you want from your health and wellness, and figuring out how to get there. We look at the steps you need to take you up the ladder of success- and stay there. Whether you are looking to lose weight, improve your relationship with food, gain muscle and strength, or just organize your nutrition better, nutrition coaching can help you reach your goals.

Send me a message and let me know what you would like to achieve this year, or comment below with your thoughts!


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