Nutrition Coaching.. the why, the how and is it really for you?

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Exercise is the easy part.

Most ‘active’ people work out anywhere from 2-5 times per week. Sign up for any gym and head to a workout class. Even if you’ve never done anything like it before, you’ll still be able to see benefits from added movement. Head out for a run, and even if your running technique isn’t great, you’ll still be able to get something out of it. The most complicated part is figuring out which exercises to do, or how much weight to lift, or how far to run. Hire a personal trainer for a couple of weeks, and you can learn enough to get by.

Nutrition is the hard part.

If you eat four meals a day, seven days a week (on average), thats twenty eight meals. Twenty eight opportunities to make different decisions. Twenty eight times your willpower, decision making skills, cooking skills, brainpower, emotions and tastebuds have to work together to make decisions. But without the right tools, its hard to know what foods to choose, how to prepae them, and how much of them to eat. Basically, without the tools to know what healthy nutrition looks like, you’re running blind. 

But as I said.. Nutrition is the hard part. 

Food affects EVERYTHING- from how we look and feel, to how we sleep, how our brain functions, what our skin and nails look like and our capacity to recover from illness or injury. The body is complicated… and aside from that, what we eat is connected to our emotions. We eat to celebrate.. We eat to alleviate stress. We eat when we are sad. We eat to experience culture. So many life events take place around food! For someone that is actively looking to change their body or health markers, deciding what to eat and making real changes to their diets is more difficult than it sounds.

Even if you have the best workout program in the world, if you don’t figure out the nutrition side, you’re missing over half the equation. Sure, you can go on a diet…but how many diets do you need to go on before you realize that a diet is just a short term solution? 

Nutrition coaching is not the same as going on a(nother) diet.

Diets don’t work. Or… they work until they don’t. A meal plan or a strict diet might help you in the short term, but what happens when life gets stressful, or you have a vacation, or you just start getting bored with your diet? The process of nutrition coaching is focused on creating long term eating habits that improve health and help clients feel comfortable in their bodies. Nutrition coaching involves personal growth, a learning process, and a desire to make a lasting change. 

Going on a diet implies that at some point you’ll go off the diet. Which means that at some point, you’ll probably have to go on the diet again, right? My clients learn how to eat in a way that they can see themselves continuing for the long term.

Then how does nutrition coaching work?

Nutrition coaching starts by assessing where you are now, and looking at where you would like to get to in the future. The steps that you’ll go through are tailored to your needs. We might focus on increasing your vegetable intake to start with, or by working on changing your portion sizes, or by implementing a weekly meal prep… it all depends on YOU! Each week we will review your progress – if there are changes that need to be made to the plan, they happen weekly… not monthly! This is based truly on individual needs, and you’ll have your coach’s (me!) support  as well as a ton of recipes and PDF’s that are all accessible through your online account.

How do I know if nutrition coaching is for me?

If you are aware that you need to make a change to your eating habits or lifestyle in order to improve your health, see changes in your body, feel better in your day to day life, or finally stop the cycle of constant dieting… nutrition coaching is for you.

If you are just looking for another diet, or another set of rules for you to follow, or another magic button… take a few minutes to think about what it is that you are really looking for. Do you really want to start solving problems or do you just want a short term fix? 

Interested in finding out if this is the solution you are looking for? I offer a free 10-15 minute assessment calls to talk about how nutrition coaching can help you change for good– just send me an email to schedule your call! 



This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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