Small Changes, Big Results

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Think back to 5 years ago.

What are you capable of doing now that you couldn’t have imagined doing then? Maybe it’s speaking a language that sounded like gibberish to you before, or cooking a delicious meal for your family when even boiling an egg used to feel so intimidating, or running a race when years back you couldn’t even run a kilometer. Did these achievements happen overnight? Or did you learn a tiny bit, every day, until you finally reached a point in which you no longer felt so lost?

Well, friends, diet, health and fitness work the same way!

We live in a world where it seems like we can have whatever we want, whenever we want! It seems like all you need to do is look on the internet to find tons of people that made overnight changes to their bodies using crazy diets or fitness methods. However, reality is that lasting change is achieved over a longer period of time, using methods that are neither extreme nor incredibly drastic. So how can you create big change? START SMALL.

Think about what your biggest goals are. Define them, and think about what a realistic time frame for achieving them might be. Now think about the steps that you will need to take to achieve those goals. What is something you can do EVERY DAY that will get you one step closer to where you want to be?

Is your goal to lose 10 kilos? What steps will you need to take? Start simple. Start small. Pick one thing, and do it every damn day.

  • Maybe you normally drink a Coca-cola every day. An easy step could just be to start replacing a few Cokes a week with sparkling wáter. After a few weeks or a month, limit your Cokes to 1 a week. Then only special occasions!
  • Maybe you place a basket of bread on the table for your family with every lunch and dinner. Try limiting yourself to ONE piece of bread per meal and keeping the basket out of your reach once you have that piece, or even requesting that your family remove the bread from the table. After a few weeks, try only having bread with your dinner. After a few weeks more, maybe you notice that you don’t really NEED the bread at all!
  • Maybe you tend to snack mindlessly on fuet, crackers or cheese as you cook your meals. Try cutting yourself some carrot or cucumber sticks with a spoon of hummus and snacking on that, or even just measuring a couple small pieces of fuet and cheese instead of taking out the whole block of cheese or whole fuet!

Before you know it, all of the Little things start to add up. As each step becomes easier for you, you can add another. With each day, you get closer to your big goal. The steps don’t need to be complicated. They don’t need to be fancy. You just need to do them! And just think about where you could be in a year.. or 5 years!  


Confused about how to get started? Need some guidance or help understanding how to kick off your health journey? Send me an email and let’s talk about 1:1 Nutrition Coaching!


This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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